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Lisa Skelton

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Unveiled is an ode to you—rising from the ashes and blooming like wild, untamed branches. Her pages are timely words told through a series of seasons. She speaks of hopeful sentiments that meet you where you are and reminds you of where you are growing. She is scribed with compassionate reflections as reminders that all of our life’s chapters hold beauty and reason. Pray and open her pages and she will whisper into your Winter and sing into your Spring. Open your heart to hers and trust that she has a captivating breakthrough. She is the poetry of all of us—she is the poetry of you.

 Book Details
〰️ Four chapters: Fall, Renew, Rise, Bloom
〰️ Grey-scale film photography honouring the rising Woman
〰️ Deluxe cotton-paper textured hardcover with de-bossed foil title
〰️ Matte lamination dust cover

〰️ 157 gsm matte art paper
〰️ 124 pages
〰️ 24 x 16 cm
〰️ Written and designed in Australia