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Lisa Skelton

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A poetic memoir about human metamorphosis—for the feelers. Written by Lisa Skelton.

These words were written in the middle of the mystery, in real-time and from me to you…

One day you’ll look around in a perpetual state of wonder and see a reality that was once only a dream. When did those flowers first bloom outside my window? Who knew all I’ve been through would lead me to You? How could I have ever imagined it would be this good?

It’s the exhale of the ‘I made it’ moments that tell us the miracle has arrived. It’s the feeling of suspension that leaves us crying inside (but is orchestrating room for faith to come alive). It's reconciling loss and discovering more goodness than we could have planned. And when we land (we notice that all along), we are being romanced by time and signs.

I want to remember to look up and realisehere come the butterflies.

 Book Details
〰️ Softcover 
〰️ Bespoke white paper interior
〰️ 113 pages
〰️ 22x15 cm / 6x9 inches
〰️ Written, designed and printed in Australia