Notes from my journal,
June 30, 2019

Love is a moment in time and time that feels like moments. It can be gradual and it can be instant.

Love knows. It's an essence that you carry around in your bones, so fragile, you’ll do anything not to break it.

Being in love is glimpses of awe, and an ache in your chest to see the one you love— to really see them.

Love triumphs basic needs. You find yourself unable to eat, feeling full and hungry all at once. You can’t sleep because maybe, finally, instead of just your bed, you have found a heart to rest in.

Love is travelling to the depths of the unknown and finding yourself there with another soul, feeling them and awakening to what was missing all along.

Love is being reckless with your heart, even when it hurts. It's knowing that finding love, really real love, will outweigh and outlive the heaviness of anything in the world.

This sick feeling, this addiction, love, is what makes life so exciting. Love is so exciting.